Fiberglass Blown-in Insulation Systems, also known as the Polar Blanket, is one of the latest green building techniques used by Renaissance Homes. This system improves a home’s efficiency by filling the wall cavity completely, including the areas around pipes, cables and outlets. Polar Blanket gets into all of the voids where traditional insulation can’t protect, creating a “blanket” of insulation and making a more energy efficient home. T he Polar Blanket decreases air going through the wallcavity as it is applied as a dense pack application. T he R-Value of Polar Blanket is 23 and significantly helps reduce monthly utility costs by reducing air infiltration through the cavity walls.


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A RAIN SCREEN SIDING SYSTEM? Wet conditions are part of our climate here in the Northwest. The Renaissance Rain Screen is a moisture management system designed to address and protect against the causes of water intrusion and the resulting damage that it can cause to a home. There are different types of Rain Screens and many options used to meet the Oregon Code Requirement of a gap behind siding systems in residential construction. The Oregon Building Codes Division acknowledge that a Pressure-Equalized Rain Screen (PER) system is the best practice in fulfilling this requirement


Open web truss joists allows for easier and faster mechanical systems installation. (plumbing, electrical, HVAC)Mechanical systems are installed within the floors framing rather than hanging below, allowing all of the heat ducts to be run between the floors. This eliminates ducting in the attic or crawlspace and saves energy by NOT pushing heated air into a cold crawl space in the winter or sending cool air into a hot attic in the summer.The joists allow the heat ducts to be shorter and much more efficient. Any heat or cooling lost in the ductwork remains in the livable space. Plumbing lines are run straighter and shorter allowing less pipe to be installed resulting in hot water savings

Indoor air Quality

The air inside your home makes a difference in how you feel every day, and indoor air quality is a high priority in the construction of a Renaissance home. With features like air filtration systems, controlled ventilation and low-toxic building materials, a Renaissance Home may allow you to breathe a little easier. The same building materials in a Renaissance Home that improve indoor air quality also contribute to a cleaner environment, as less toxic products reduce environmental pollutants.